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Naomi Harwin

Naomi Harwin, b. 1992, Winchester, UK, is an artist based in Cambridge and has been a studio artist at Wysing Art Centre since 2015. Her sculptures, drawings and installations move through a self generative process of translating information and images extracted from the investigation of an object. Harwin’s work has been shown nationally and internationally, recent exhibitions and features include: To be an object is to possess a boundary, 1961 Projects, In Personam, Singapore, 2019, Like-minded, Minimal Zine issue 01 (2019), Non-working hours, 1961 Projects, Singapore, 2018, We:You,Me, Firstsite, Colchester, UK, 2017, AD HOC + TRADE Swap Editions, Art Licks,SET and Castor Projects, London, UK, 2017, in between things, Nunns Yard, Norwich, UK, 2016, and ‘O’, Airspace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent, UK, 2015.

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