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As part of a Test Space presentation, explore 5 acts of nature, from Wysing studio artist Mae. 5 acts of nature is a shifting, interdisciplinary body of living ideas, experiences, voices across times, spaces and species of, in, making, feeling and being weather. As a work-in-progress it aims to develop organically responsive to internal/external environments offering those experiencing the work multiple points of entry, and material shifting, growing and developing day-to-day.

Mae is a writer and interdisciplinary artist working kinetically with lo-fi and found materials to generate and modify sonic, visual, movement and vocal ideas; exploring and retaining the character of materials, tools and environments through which ideas are explored (or emerge); and writing through documentary, reflective and performative explorations on and off-the-page.


This current phase of development received support from Wysing Arts Centre, Arts Council and Cambridge Junction.

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