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'lump it'

The words we use, often without us realising, shape our reality.

'Lump' is vague and can encompass so much - what does it really mean? It is crucial to pick apart words or phrases that we use in passing, and consider what we are really paying reference to. This everyday, monosyllabic word is often overlooked, or slips in without clear intention. Through honing in on the 'lump' we might begin to reconsider how we view or categorise our wider world.

'lump it' invites you to contemplate how 60+ distinct submissions vocalise what it means to be a ‘lump’. Stemming across different mediums and contexts, the explore page compiles variant examples of ‘lump’ to be considered concurrently, without homogenising, classifying or conflating. Through positioning the works in fluid dialogue with one another, without thematic arrangement, the page hopes to encourage varying interpretation and multivocality.

Immensely personal, occasionally humorous but largely elusive and provocative, the lumps invite speculation.

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AMPlify 2021-22

Studio Artists Live

Net//Work: Leyya Mona Tawil

Wysing Polyphonic: The Ungoverned


Kelechi Anucha & Carl Gent

Burst Your Bubble

September Round Up

August Round Up

Sound · Body · Space · Time

Wysing Open Studios 2020

Wysing Open Studios 2020: Emma Smith

What We (Should) Know

Rebecca Jagoe

July Round Up

The Subliminal Horizon

Broadcasting for Young People

Simnikiwe Buhlungu

Tessa Norton

Radical Broadcasting

David Blandy

Naomi Harwin

Cyborg(etics) to Misdemeanor: Black Feminist Citations

Desktop Studio Visits: Ruth Angel Edwards

Desktop Studio Visit: CRYSTALLMESS


CRC Exhibition