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What We (Should) Know

What We (Should) Know is a collaborative exercise by the members of Circuit, a group supported by Kettle's Yard & Wysing Arts Centre. The project explores how the interlinked categories of past, present and future can be understood in our current moment. This year has been a time of pause and reflection and an opportunity to regenerate. It has also been a time of immense turmoil, violence, and inequity. How can we grow after life altering circumstances? How can we recover, recreate, or maybe even redirect our future?

Using the structure of past, present, and future, we have attempted to examine what each of these headings can tell us about changing for the better. Turning our attention to the conversations enabled by the Black Lives Matter movement and by allied movements like #MeToo and Extinction Rebellion, we have sought to understand our part in our present and our role in the future. Working with images, collage, drawing, and the work of others, we have built a space for conversation, learning, and hope.

The board is themed into the final zine that was created, the process behind it, as well as further reading.

The content was developed by Circuit members: Izzy Collie-Cousins, Gabriella Da Silva, Zoe Firth, Beeny Harwood-Purkiss, Gigi Learmond, Holly O’Brien, Olu Taiwo and Avani Vieira. With special thanks to Avani Vieira for compiling the final zine.

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