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What Now?

What Now? is an intimate, meditative film focusing on small embodied movements that explore the moment of crisis which often comes at the end of a big project, or during periods of flux. Like the moment when a wave withdraws from the beach and mingles with the beginning of another wave, this sensory work looks to explore the little messy beginnings and endings, and sense of chaos that comes during the limbo between ideas. Threaded together as an immersive and ritualistic visual poem, the work focusses on the body, exploring and challenging its limitations, as a helpful practice for this period.

Audio description available here as a PDF, and here as a Word document.

Abi Palmer is an artist and writer exploring the relationship between linguistic and physical communication. Her work often touches on themes of disability, queerness, and multisensory innovation. 

Her art installation Crip Casino - an interactive gambling arcade parodying the wellness industry and institutionalised spaces - has been displayed at Tate Modern, Somerset House and Wellcome Collection. She won a Saboteur award for her multisensory poetry experiment Alchemy in 2016. Her debut book Sanatorium (Penned in the Margins, Apr 2020) is a fragmented memoir jumping between luxury thermal pool, and blue inflatable bathtub whilst navigating experiences of wetness and floating, out-of-body experience, and the body in chronic pain.


IG - @abipalmer_bot

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