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The Ungoverned: AUDINT

We're delighted to share the fourth mix in our Wysing Polyphonic: The Ungoverned mix series by collective AUDINT.

This year, Wysing Arts Centre have invited A---Z (Anne Duffau) to curate the eleventh edition of the festival, which is being hosted online.

For the first part of The Ungoverned, five international musicians have created mixes and soundscapes experimenting between sound, music and spoken word and responding to the idea of being ungovernable and defying norms. These recordings present collective minds exploring a positive present and rewriting the past.

The Ungoverned looks at how we can deconstruct normativity through collaboration, exchange, texts, ephemeral gestures and other languages. This year’s programme emphasises the importance of difference and diverse ways of communicating: the morphing of words to choreographies, soundscapes, dialects and voices.

The festival’s second part will be presented on the 5th of September as a special live broadcast of readings from three international artists, writers, and poets (Whiskey Chow, Tanaka Fuego and Rachel Long), which will be followed by a newly commissioned performance from choreographer and dancer Maëva Berthelot and musician Coby Sey.

Find out more about the festival here.

Listen to AUDINT's mix UNSOUND: UNDEAD here on our broadcasting site, as well as on our SoundCloud.

“Through our research we have discovered a new sound. Sonic events that do not take place within the spectrum of the living and the perceptible; emerging from counterfactual and counterfictional thinking; belonging to zones of transmission between life and death; to subaquatic, Cthuluesque, non-human forms of life, and to unsound, vibrational milieus inaccessible to the senses. Perceptible sound is only a subset of the broader vibrational continuum.” (AUDINT)

The mix is composed of the following parts:

  1. IREX 2
  2. 'Code Omega', credit concept/text by Souzanna Zamfe, sound design by Savvas Metaxas
  3. ‘Touching Nothing’, sound design by Steve Goodman
  4. 'The Lament', concept/text by Eleni Ikon, sound design by Caroline Schnurrer
  5. 'Dossier 37', sound design by Steve Goodman

Read an exclusive interview with AUDINT in TANK Magazine to find our more about their mix here.

AUDINT is a sonic research group exploring the weaponization of vibration, developing cartographies of liminal waveformed perception (unsound), and investigating the ways in which frequencies are utilised to modulate our understanding of presence/non-presence, entertainment/torture, and life/death. In 2019, AUDINT published Unsound:Undead (Urbanomic), a collection of essays, featuring texts by prominent artists and theorists, on the topic of sound. More information can be found at www.audint.net

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