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'The Future is Fluid' is a new moving image work created by Dylan Fox in 2021. Taking the work's slogan as its own inspiration, this moving image work was designed to always be in motion. The repeated slogan, 'The Future Is Fluid', seemingly melts into itself, constantly changing shape throughout the duration of the work. This ebb and flow can be seen as a digital version of Fox's earlier Strip Curtain works, commissioned by NN contemporary in 2018 and subsequently on show at The Twin, Coventry Biennial 2019. Combining this visual with a soundscape taken from the British inland waterways where Fox lives, the work has a unique calming effect. The slogan advocates for the fluid future of gender, as well as increased provisions for all gender non-conforming people; provisions that should be equally as fluid.

An unlimited edition accompanying 'The Future is Fluid' launched on Transgender Day of Visibility (31 March 2021). The limitless editions, created by each frame of Fox's moving image work, are available to save and to share on Instagram, spreading the slogan as far as possible.

About Dylan Fox

Dylan Fox’s practice examines the various barriers the transgender community faces. More specifically he explores the injustice of inefficient healthcare pathways in the UK, bias in media representation and by extension, wider societal views. Fox utilises found objects and printed matter to create works designed to replicate the feelings of frustration felt through his own gender transition, developing scenarios where the public endure a similar experience of ambivalence. Drawing on his research into socially engaged art practices, theories of open form, and queer histories, these scenarios often have a participatory element, aiming to shift public perceptions through dialogue. Selected solo exhibitions include shows at Big Shop Friday, Milton Keynes; Contains Art, Somerset; NN Contemporary Art, Northampton; and The Old Truman Brewery, London.

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See information on his 2020 solo show at Big Shop Friday, 'The Elephant Room', here

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Insta: @DylanFoxArt

Facebook: DylanFoxArt

Twitter: @DylanFoxArt

Accompanying the work was a call to action from the artist to help make the future more fluid by responding to the government's consultation on public toilet provision, which closed on 26th February 2021. Audiences were invited by the artist to submit responses to help ensure that the safety and rights of Trans and non-binary people were considered in the consultation. Dylan Fox created a template for responses, drawing on advocacy by Gendered Intelligence.

The email template below was used:

"To Whom It May Concern,

Toilet facilities are a key area where trans, non-binary and gender diverse people face barriers to access. Toilets designated male or female are not accommodating of non-binary people and any space with limited privacy tends to be challenging for trans people. The LGBT in Britain - Trans report (Stonewall 2017) showed that 48% of trans people don’t feel comfortable using public toilets.

Trans people are entitled to use the spaces that (best) accord with their gender identity and should be supported to do so, in accordance with the Equality Act 2010. It states a call for evidence that women’s toilets have been replaced by gender-neutral toilets, we would like to see evidence to support this claim.

Within a historical patriarchal context, public toilets were originally created exclusively for men. We welcome this review to address the ratio of women toilets needed versus the number of men. There is no hierarchy when it comes to inclusion. It is a matter of support and access for all. WE call for inclusive and available universal public toilets which protect a person's privacy, thus provide access to safe facilities for all.

By advocating for universal toilets, we mean; purpose-built, single floor to ceiling cubicle facilities that offer privacy and comfort for all. Inclusive universal toilets include sanitary bins and enough space for all situations (including parents with children, people who need personal assistance and wheelchair accessibility). Washing basins could be in the cubicle or outside in a general space.

Yours faithfully

(Your name)"

Further information and support can be found at:

Gendered Intelligence

Mermaids UK


Beaumont Trust

Gender Identity Research & Education Society

Scottish Trans

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