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On Suffocation of the Womb

‘On Suffocation of the Womb’ is a sound collaboration between Harman Bains, Buried Zine and Ruth Angel Edwards, commissioned by Buried Zine for Buried issue seven. It incorporates a text written by Bains in response to her research into the Trotula, the earliest recorded text on women’s medicine, hygiene and anatomy in the 12th century, alongside excerpts from the Trotula itself with original music, sound and goblin vocals. The piece is influenced by cutscenes from medieval fantasy RPG games and the 1980s and 90s music genre of dungeon synth, a subgenre of dark ambient music associated with black metal, which also often uses medieval or fantasy motifs. 

The piece is read by Katie Thompson and a goblin

*This piece includes some graphic and disturbing descriptions of a sexual and violent nature.

Please click this link for a transcript of the piece as a Word document.

Please click this link for a transcript of the piece as a PDF in size 14pt, 1.5 line spacing

Harman Bains
Harman is a London based writer and moving image artist, her research explores the application and potential futures of assisted reproductive technologies. Her two main focuses within this topic are the potential use of artificial womb systems and the datafication of reproduction by the use of time-lapse embryo imaging.  

Buried Zine is Daemoniacal, Cosmic terror, an Atrophying Shambling Mess of Paralyzed Organs Evacuating putridity and swarming maggots wondering your veins.

Each volume of uncorporeal life is hand bound and lovingly laid out akin to a medieval illuminated text featuring interviews with death metal bands as well as commissions of morbid art. 

Click this link for Buried seven press release

Ruth Angel Edwards
Ruth Angel Edwards explores the dissemination of ideology through pop culture, drawing from sub and counter cultural movements both past and present, as well as the conditions which give rise to them. Individualism, the body, gender and sexuality, consumerism and spirituality are recurring themes in her work; hedonism, spectacle and dissent are deconstructed and reformed to create communicative works across a variety of media. She is interested in how ideology is communicated, consumed, internalised, rebelled against and regurgitated.

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