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Net//Work Exhibition: Wendy Teo

Organs of the Earth

This project was developed as part of the 21/22 Net//Work Residency, Wysing Arts Centre and British Council Malaysia

AR technician: Fablab Dynamic

Viewers are encouraged to download the APK from the QR, and view the drawing in augmented reality:


Installation shots:




Artistic Statement

This art project explores the intertwining relationship between hand drawing and its animated expression in augmented reality, which actualized through cross disciplinary collaboration and conversation.


The artistic expression of the work illustrates a recurring landscape forming process with obscure moment of start-point or end-point, through the animated hand drawn landscape emerging out from the canvas drawing series carefully presented in the space.


The drawing placement within the space are in relation to the metaphoric message the creative process inspired by.




‘Forest are trees holding hands underground.’ – Jeffrey Campbell.

Inspired by the shared insight from the UN Food and Agricultural department head from above, this work re-enacted the intertwining roots underground emerging from 3 different seeds in the drawing.




‘The forest is for me a temple, a cathedral of tree canopies and dancing light.’ – Dr. Jane Goodall.

This work presented the ephemerality of the forest with the transition of the weather, growth, and the subjects as the actors.




The title ‘framed’ implies the unframed side of the drawing, the viewer will get to unravel them through unveiling the augmented reality.

About Wendy Teo

Wendy Teo is a Malaysian based artist, UK ARB/RIBA Chartered Architect, Curator, Researcher and Tutor. Wendy believes an innovative, cutting-edge approach to design and making has capacity to revitalise craftsmanship of the region; stating social-culture dialogue as the driving force behind her design pursuit. In her award winning design practice Wendy Teo Atelier, she designed a range of nature and culture inspired interactive sculptures, furniture, architectural installation and publication. With Borneo Laboratory, Wendy currently focuses on developing a series of projects that are inspired by the crafts language and materials found from abundant landscape and cultural scape of Borneo. Wendy Teo’s projects were endorsed by a number of international awards such as Holcim Sustainable Next Generation Award (First Prize), Archiprix, and Threadneedle Prize. Her recent furniture design was selected as a finalist in ‘Asia Design Award’ 2018. Wendy has shown in prominent exhibitions such as 2013/14 Archilab ‘Naturalising Architecture’ exhibition curated by Pompidou Center director Frédéric Migayrou and FRAC Orlean Director Marie-Ange Brayer.

About the Net//Work Residency

The Net//Work Residency took place 25 October - 19 November 2021, in partnership with British Council and DAS Belfast. Wysing Arts Centre hosted artists Laura Andreato, Halik Azeez, Wajeeha Batool, and Wendy Teo during this four week online residency, with Anna Bunting-Branch as artist mentor.

Net//Work offered time for reflection, research, practice, skills exchange, and professional networking opportunities focused on digital artistic practices and technologies. The autumn's residency artists were internationally based across Brazil, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The residency consisted of online mentoring, group conversations, problem solving surgeries, guest talks and workshops with external curators and artists and 1-2-1 tuition.

To find out more about the Net//Work Residency, click here.

In partnership with British Council and DAS Belfast

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