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From the Ground Up: Jo Capper & Akil Scafe-Smith

From the Ground Up: The Gathering

Jo Capper and Akil Scafe-Smith In-Conversation, chaired by Lucy Shipp

What role can cultural spaces that are custodians of land, like Wysing, play in fostering a sense of ownership in public space? How can the resources that the culture sector currently holds contribute better to grassroots justice work? What are the imaginative possibilities of divestment?

Catch up with the final archived part of our event 'From the Ground Up: The Gathering', July 2022, an event which takes Wysing’s rural context, abundant land and neighbouring Fenland (at risk due to climate change, and rich in histories of land-based struggle) as a rich context for thought and action about topics including land rights, ownership and access, sustainability, environmental time and crip time, growing, wildness and racial justice.

You can also find the event as a podcast on our hosting platform Anchor by clicking here, or on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

For a PDF transcript of the podcast, please click here.

Jo Capper is Grand Union (Birmingham)’s Collaborative Programme Curator. Capper is an artist educator with a strong desire to heal, restore and do good in the world, creating alternative cultural and living practices that start with simple acts of growing or sharing food - embodying the cultural specifics of human conviviality.

Akil Scafe-Smith is part of RESOLVE Collective, an interdisciplinary design collective that combines architecture, engineering, technology and art to address social challenges. Much of their work aims to provide platforms for celebrating local knowledge as well as organising and collaborating in communities.

Lucy Shipp was Wysing's Education Manager.

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